Auteur : madrumo

A very first sound.

Some times ago, I think I finished my very first title (actually the others stay at demo state). It’ had probably a quite bad mix and I’m sorry for this. I’m totally a newbie in mixing and mastering (and now you understant why the others titles are still demos).
That’s why I ask you your opinion, especially about the mix and the final render, but if you have any comments or questions about the title in a global manner, tell me !
I post the track here, it is also avalaible on all website’s pages, on the right side of the moon screen, in the « Me in your ears. » widget !


I’m Madrumo, one french guy amongst others. I am a musician, for quite a long time now. Drummer, average guitarist and  weekend keyboardist. But above all, I listen to music. It goes with my life, relate it, even guides it sometimes. In fact, I think of putting evreything that links my life anf music. What I listen…