Elsewhere on the net

Here is some cool stuff about music that you can find on the net.

  • Eklektik (in French) :

    « Eklektik-rock.com is a french webzine about music with distorted guitars. advocate an opened-mind spirit talk about lots of musical genres : pop, rock, metal, punk hardcore and all their subgenres.  » This is the (translated) description that we find on the website. However, most of the reviews affect « extreme » music. 

  • Funky Panda :

    This is a YouTube channel which upload always-funky-groovy tracks from electronic music. Some of these tracks are accompanied of a link in order to download it freely and legally. Thanks to that channel I especially discovered Savant (alias Aleksander Vinter), a monster of skill and awesomeness.

  • Map of Metal :

    A very laaaarge interactive map permitting  to see how the subgenres which gave birth and from Metal are influencing themselvesin order to get a huge diversity.

  • Genius :

    A collaborative website anybody can propose a written transcription of a song’s lyrics, with an analysis sometimes. Very useful when we don’t have these lyrics or we don’t understand them. The data base is impressive whith texts from Rap to Metal.